David Kelly Fine Art Photography

Artist Statement

What is a Fine Art Photograph? I define a Fine Art Photograph as an image that is artistically conceived and crafted using technical skill. If one of these key ingredients is missing then the image is a failure. My goal is to bring pleasure to the viewer of my Fine Art Images. Therefore, I will never produce an image without Artistic Vision or Technical excellence.

A work of art can only be created by a person and never a machine. I do however use machines such as cameras, computers and printers to aid in the creation of my Fine Art Images. My images are works of art and are never taken directly from the camera, downloaded to a computer and printed.

I consider myself an artist. I work in the medium of Photography but that is just the starting point. My artistic vision comes before the camera is ever fired. Depending upon my Artistic Vision I will choose the proper lighting, composition, lens and camera to acquire the image. This is only the starting point of my creative process and will never be the end result.

Once a photograph is created in the camera it then needs to be downloaded into a computer where the artistic process continues. This is the second phase in the creation of my fine art images. Without this phase an image would not stand artistically. It is here that the image is forged into my artistic vision using special software and technique to achieve my desired results.

For me 1/3 of the Fine Art Image making process is done using the camera and photography gear while 2/3 is done using the computer and editing skill. The computer is the place where the image comes to life. I use the computer to do whatever I deem necessary to bring my image to artistic completion. I start with doing global adjustments to the entire image. Next I will adjust the individual colors to bring them to the correct values for my artistic vision. Lastly I will adjust the lighting of the scene to either make it light and open, mysterious or light hearted , etc., depending upon my original vision.

My images are “altered reality” and never reality. To this end there are times when I will combine many images to create my desired result. Often during the creative process I will alter the shape and sizes of parts of the image as well as remove things that are not adding to my artistic vision. I will also add parts to my image that are not apart of the original capture. This is all done for the sake of the final product an original Fine Art Image that satisfies my Artistic Vision.

My camera images are recorded using a 2 x 3 aspect ratio. I do not tie myself to this aspect ratio and often I will add or subtract from this ratio. The final aspect ratio for each image is derived through the creative process and is never compromised. All of my images are professionally matted and mounted to fit standard frame sizes. It will be very easy for my clients who purchase my images to frame them their selves saving the expense of custom framing should they choose not to purchase one of my framed images.

My Personal Style Warranty
My work is guaranteed to be unique to my personal style and artistic vision. I photograph and create my images in a way that is different from what someone else looking at the same scene would see. This is done by using multiple techniques, a scene specific color palette, removing and adding additional elements to the scene, cropping or reformatting the original photograph and more. If the Fine Art Image you purchase from me shows the scene exactly the same way you saw it in person, I will refund your money. 

David Kelly
email: edenbridgephotography@gmail.com
phone: 412.860.8279

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